Fountain B

This fountain has a well-built dry-stone frame that fits perfectly into the surrounding natural environment. A carefully erected dry-stone wall opposite the fountain is a welcome guide for hikers through the woods, which protects and delineates the footpath. It’s worth noting that despite their modest materials, dry-stone walls and structures never lose their value. In this case they’ve been used to create stone support walls that separate slopes into tiers: small flat surfaces on hillsides and in places that facilitate people in their passage through and activities in nature. Without them, the locals would never have been able to develop agriculture on the steep slopes and amidst the lush forests of Chios or other islands and would have thus been forced to emigrate. These dry-stone structures scattered throughout Greece, as well as the techniques used in their construction, have been named an artifact of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

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