Three Mine Tunnels

These tunnels are part of the old antimony mine and are somewhat shrouded from view by the trees and vegetation that have grown since the mine was abandoned. Visitors to this place will find the mines fallen into disrepair, while the surrounding vegetation blocks a lot of the sunlight.
Back when the mines were still in operation, the miners would enter these tunnels to extract the ore. This was a complex process, largely dependent on the type of mine as well as the nature of the ore being extracted. It would begin with geological surveys of the land to find any mineral deposits and the collection of samples to identify the exact location of these deposits. Once a deposit was located, an underground entrance would be opened. The type of opening depended on the geology and requirements of each project.

In this case, visitors can see that the openings in the rock face lead into the old tunnels. Miners would use tools such as drills, excavators and explosives to extract the mineral-bearing ore from the earth. This ore would then be lifted out of the underground tunnels to the surface, usually by mine carts or manual elevators. Once up top, the ore would be processed to separate the mineral, which would in turn be sent on for further processing. This process would be repeated throughout the mining operation, and, depending on the type of ore and the local conditions, likely would have involved various techniques and technologies.
While the current state of the mines is one of abandonment and disrepair, they nevertheless constitute an important part of Chios’ industrial heritage.

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