Schoolhouse at Egrigoros

Egrigoros is a small alpine village of Amani, built at an altitude of 360 metres above sea level near the northern coast of Chios. It’s a small settlement, nestled among dense green vegetation and water springs. The environs of the village offer visitors stunning views of the Aegean Sea, while it’s especially worthwhile to pay a visit in the summer, particularly on 6 August when the locals hold their annual festival. The village schoolhouse is a picturesque work of architectural art.
Also worth visiting here in Egrigoros is the winery owned by “Ariousios S.A.”, located at a place known as “Sofou” where, in addition to the excellent wine, visitors can experience unparalleled views of the Aegean. Starting production in 2009, the winery has three floors including the wine ageing cellar. It’s been officially designated a “Visitable Winery” since 2016, and its premises are open to visitors who want to take a closer look at the production process. Tours of the wine production areas are offered, allowing visitors to see the oak barrels used in the ageing process, and there’s plenty of audio-visual material on the local history to take in. Also, visitors can opt for wine-tastings here at a specially organised section of the winery that houses a collection of traditional agricultural tools and items. The premises are accessible to people with mobility issues (PWD). It’s worth noting that the winery also hosts oenotourism events and wine tastings on demand. After 1 September, the “Ariousios” winery is only open for visits by appointment.

Chios is also renowned for its mastic liqueur, ouzo and tangerine juice, But thanks to the efforts of “Ariousios” Oinopoiitiki Georgiki Touristiki, Chiote wine and the local varieties of grape also reached a wider audience. Wine production at “Ariousios” involves the local red grape varieties, known on Chios as “krasero” and “agiannitis” or “agianniotikos” (vernacular Greek for “St John’s”). The latter derives its name from the fact that the grapes are picked in late August, right around the day the Church commemorates the Beheading of St John the Forerunner.
Visitors can combine their hikes with a trip to the winery, where all the local wines are on offer. It’s an ideal way to round out your visit and hiking experience here in welcoming north-western Chios. 

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