North-western Chios possesses truly striking views, with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind landscapes all around. Here, rich vegetation, imposing mountains, rivers and cultural monuments, all framed by the endless Aegean blue, come together to enchant visitors and locals alike. The view from up here is breathtaking, a boundless horizon extending forever like a painting. The skies here are always clear and peaceful, with the sun’s rays shining through cotton clouds and creating a million shades of blue.
And when the sunlight strikes the mountains, the interplay between shadow and light is truly magnificent. The absence of trees and vegetation allows the stark sparsity of the stone and the earth to rise to the fore. These heights create an almost other-worldly environment. In this frame, the small plants and shrubs that grow in the sparse shelter they can find create a fascinating interplay. By contrast, the wind turbines interspersed throughout this natural environment are a dash of progress and sustainability.
It’s no secret that modern society, with its frantic rhythms, stress and myriad obligations, necessitates getting away from it all and escaping into nature, if only for a while. Visitors to this gorgeous location can find rest and respite from the relentless drive of modern-day life.

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