Kagiantas Mill

Hikers making the journey through the lush environment that hugs the banks of the river will come across a fourth water mill. This is the second of the two mills owned by the Kagiantas family. The northernmost surviving mill, it’s situated close to the end of the route. The Kagiantas mill is currently in ruins, but visitors can nevertheless still clearly discern its architectural elements. Its ceiling has collapsed completely, but the walls still stand. Also visible are the auxiliary structures and spaces, possibly grain silos. Traces of a millstone can be seen inside the mill. Older travellers’ accounts mention an inscription that dated the structure to the early 20th century.
Returning to the riverside dirt path, hikers will arrive at the church of the Virgin Mary of the Baths or the Watermills and the fifth and final water mill. The route continues along the dirt path for about 200 metres, at the end of which a small sign on the right indicates the start of the riverside path that leads to the church.
The path follows the course of the river right up to the small church.

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