Kagiantas Mill,Koilada ton Neromylon

Rainfall on Mt Pelinaion is carried off by the river Malagkiotis, which has formed a picturesque and fertile valley covered with vegetation and arable land. In times past, this land was blanketed in well-tended olive groves. Nowadays the groves lie mostly abandoned. However, they constitute an impressive, varied landscape and still make for quite the sight. Hikers are sure to be captivated by the trees and their shades of green set against the rich vegetation and the stones with their gradations of grey. The route that leads to the Panagia ton Neromylon (Virgin Mary of the Water Mills) winds right through this enchanting scenery, strewn with the remains of water mills.
Hikers on the path will encounter one of the two surviving water mills owned by the Kagiantas family. The remains of auxiliary spaces, likely storehouses, tool sheds or grain silos, litter the environs of this abandoned building. There used to be dates carved into the rocks dating the structures to the early 20th century. This inscriptional testimony was irrefutable proof of just how thriving the local agricultural community was back in the first decades of the last century.

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