Memorial at Avgonyma

7a./71 Diaselo Provatas  
Diaselo is located just 20 minutes’ walk from the Nea Moni. A footpath after the public road connecting the main town and Avgonima leads left, into a clearing among pine trees and apiaries. Its initial stretch is in good condition, but human intervention and lack of maintenance have led to the gradual disappearance of the dry-stone supports, and the route is currently mostly just a dirt path.
The path goes right through the largest surviving pine forest on Chios, with truly striking views of Anavatos and its surrounding countryside for the first 300 metres. The “forks” in the road eventually stop popping up, and the path delves straight into the heart of the pine forest. This route can be traversed year-round and is especially pleasant in summer, thanks to the cool shade provided by the trees. Young pine trees have sprouted directly atop the path, necessitating minor detours in places. After a 20-minute hike, travellers will come across the first of three crossroads with the forest dirt path. Following the signage, the second crossroads will appear soon afterwards. Five minutes later travellers will encounter the third and final crossroads. Both this route and the forest path lead to the same destination. That’s why when travellers encounter the latter 20 minutes later, next to the stream, it’ll be the main path for the final 500 metres towards the destination. Travellers should ignore the turn to the right and continue for an additional 200 metres directly ahead to arrive at the local road connecting Avgonima and Anavatos at the southern end of the Anavatos plain.

Avgonima village and the Memorial at Avgonima
A picturesque Medieval village with a rather unusual name, Avgonima is built atop a rocky hill that emerges from the surrounding pine forests. Visitors are sure to be charmed by its square stone houses, narrow, winding streets and stone-paved central square. However, the place hides an eye-opening common architectural detail: all the buildings here have small, narrow windows, tangible evidence of the medieval population’s efforts to protect themselves from pirate raids.
The village features breathtaking views, with the endless Aegean blue and the island of Psara on one side, and the lush green natural environment on the other. Just 10 minutes from here, visitors can take a swim at the one-of-a-kind beach at Elinta and experience its crystalline waters. Those wanting to stay in the village can find welcoming traditional guesthouses as well as taverns that serve all the local delicacies. In fact, Avgonima might just be one of the most popular culinary attractions throughout Chios.
A memorial, erected in 2011 to commemorate all the inhabitants of Avgonima who lost their lives in the fight for the liberation of Chios, is located near the village. It is a formless stone shape crowned by a marble cross, erected on a square stone pedestal. A marble inscription on the pedestal reads as follows:
«ΑΓΗΡΩ ΤΟΔΕ ΧΑΡΙΤΟΣ ΣΗΜΑ ΑΥΓΩΝΥΜΟΥΣΙΟΙΣ ΘΑΝΟΥΣΙ ΠΙΣΤΕΩΣ ΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΤΡΗΣ ΧΑΡΙΝ.» (This sign has been erected in honour of the people of Avgonima who sacrificed themselves for God and country).

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