Diefcha is a small alpine village that clings to the south-western slopes of Mt Oros. The closest settlement is Katavasi, while the village itself is 30.4 kilometres from the island’s capital. The old road that connects it with the Moundon Monastery is the shortest route to the historic monument. Another picturesque route, a unique example of the local historical heritage, starts from the village and winds through a region full of lush vegetation and water springs on the way to Katavasi.
In fact, tradition connects the name of the village with that of a lord from Diefchi or Diefcha. Also, another possible origin for the name is that it’s drawn from the word “Iefka”, another name for the village of Pityos. The oldest written account that mentions the village dates to the 16th century. Manuscripts kept at the Moundon Monastery provide information on land ownership and economic exchanges between the monks and the local villagers. The church of Diefcha is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour and celebrates on 6 August. However, the major local religious feast is held a few weeks later, on 29 August, the day of celebration for the Monastery.

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